Steven Kemper

Originally from Baltimore, Steven studied composition with Elliott Schwartz and Vin Shende during his time at Bowdoin. Upon graduation he moved to Chicago where he worked as a sound engineer for the Chicago Shakespeare Theater and the Apple Tree Theatre. Steven completed a master of music degree in composition at Bowling Green State University where he studied composition with Marilyn Shride and worked as a teaching assistant for music technology. Currently, Steven is a second year doctoral student at the University of Virginia in the composition and computer technologies program, studying with Matthew Burtner.

He has composed several pieces incorporating computer processing and acoustic instruments. Other research interests include video, interactivity in electronic music and musical robotics. In 2005, Steven’s saxophone quartet Gliding Through a Misty Phosphorescence was premiered in Madrid, and his video Neoga has been shown at numerous electroacoustic festivals and concerts around the world.

Run From Fear (2007)
The title of this piece refers to a Bruce Nauman neon sculpture which contains the text “Run from Fear” above the text “Fun from Rear.” This piece is based on the minor third E-G which comes from the first song I learned to play on guitar: “About a Girl” from the Nirvana Unplugged album.

As in Nauman’s sculpture, this piece strives to be both serious and light-hearted at the same time. This piece was commissioned by Bowdoin College in celebration of the opening of the Studzinski Recital Hall.

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