Scott Winship

Scott Winship was recently appointed Program Manager for New York based Meet The Composer, whose mission is to increase opportunities for composers by fostering the creation, performance, dissemination, and appreciation of their music. Prior to Meet The Composer, Mr. Winship served as the Associate Director and Youth Jam Coordinator for Chicago’s Rock For Kids, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Chicago’s homeless children through holiday relief programs and Youth Jam, a free music education program. He has also served as the Development Assistant for the American Music Center in New York. Mr. Winship remains an active composer and holds degrees in composition and music education from Bowling Green State University (MM) and Central Michigan University (BME). His primary teachers have included Marilyn Shrude, Jeffrey Mumford, Phillip Grange, Mikel Kuehn, and David Gillingham.

The concept behind Habitual Patterns revolves around the idea that when faced with loss we often recoil into very individually established emotional patterns to deal with that loss. It may start out with anger and end in despair or vice versa with a host of emotions in between. Whichever manner these arrive in, it is the body’s emotional way of dealing with losing something/someone close. Habitual Patterns reflects one such pattern starting with disbelief and anger, moving into despair and solitude with occasional resurgences of frustration and anger ultimately settling on a hollow acceptance. Habitual Patterns is for five octave marimba and alto saxophone and lasts approximately 11 minutes.

Photo credit: Kathryn Gritt

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